The Last of The Lake | UK Tour

Created by Phil King and Simon Pittman with the company

Rough Fiction in Association with The Point Eastleigh, Newbury Corn Exchange, People at Play and Co-commisioned by Brighton Dome. Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


★★★★  ‘Defies categorisation … It’s so visually strong that the experience is comparable to reading a graphic novel … this dreamy, trippy theatrical experience is one that stays with you long after the curtain call’  (The Good Review)

“In distant desert villages where water is sparse young girls can either accept what fate has given them or fight against it.  She turned into a mermaid”. 

The very last of the life-giving lake is about to run out.  The village just hope their saviours don’t run out on them.  This new play from acclaimed young company Rough Fiction brings the technicolour and extravagant world of magical realism to life as two girls twinned by birth and by prophesy, engage in an epic, healing and emotionally-testing journey to the sea.

This fantastic genre, most readily exemplified by works such as García Márquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude” or Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children”, is blended on stage with moments of bold physicality and an immersive audio-visual design allowing a rich and heady world of birds, mermaids and ritual to burst into life.

The Last of The Lake toured across the South and East of UK, Autumn 2012 to the above venues as well as Winchester Theatre Royal, Margate Theatre Royal, Pegasus Theatre Oxford, E.M Forster Theatre Tonbridge, South Hill Park and The Leo Price Theatre Bishop’s Stortford.

Cast: William Donaldson, Leah Muller, Tessa Parr and Jan Shepherd

Animation: James Jones Morris

Set and Costume: Lorna Killin

Lighting: William Reynolds

Sound & Music: Rob Donnelly Jackson and Dominic Flook

Video: Kim Beveridge

Producer: Tracky Crombie

Production Manager: Gareth Howells